Religious Education



Religious Education is an integral part of the Christian ethos of our school. It enables pupils to understand the nature of the main world religions and their importance in today’s world. For some pupils, it is also their introduction to the main beliefs and teachings of the Christian faith.

Through our teaching of RE we encourage children to see the differences and similarities between religions and to have empathy for people from other religions.

During their time at St. George’s C of E Primary School, the children will acquire knowledge of the life of Christ and the events of the church year.

Our RE learning also involves:

  • The major Christian symbols.
  • The belief and work of Christian people, e.g. St. George and Mother Theresa and Christian Charitable organisations.
  • The diversity of Christian faith and its world wide practice.
  • Rites of passage, e.g. Baptism and Confirmation.
  • Awareness of other Faiths and faith buildings.

The children experience visits to the church and explore themes such as colour, clothes, light and buildings. A small group of Key Stage 2 children visit our church for a service each week, and we regularly visit for services linked to school life and learning activities.

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