Design and Technology



Design and Technology in our school is about encouraging the children to evaluate what is around them before embarking on a design and make process that challenges their creative abilities.
Design and Technology at St George’s offers opportunities for children to:

  • develop their designing and making skills;
  • develop their knowledge and understanding;
  • develop their capability to make high quality products, through combining their designing and making skills with their knowledge and understanding;
  • nurture creativity and innovation;
  • explore values about and attitudes to the world and how we live and work within it.

Our goal is that all children should achieve the highest standards possible in Design and Technology and benefit from a broad and rich curriculum.

Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking is the centre of good food education where children have the opportunity to explore food and create something good to eat.

Teaching children about cooking and food can make a real difference to the quality of their lives; it equips them with the confidence to make healthy food choices as well as teaching them how to enjoy their food. Learning to cook from an early age can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight, improving oral health and general health and wellbeing.

In primary schools food education, including cooking and food skills, is a statutory part of the primary curriculum within design and technology and science. Elements of healthy eating, especially the social aspects, should also be taught within PSHE.

At St George’s we are fortunate to have a specialist teaching area and equipment. We aim to develop both our cooking curriculum and extra curricular food activities to provide our children with the skills and enthusiasm to cook for themselves and also hopefully get their families  interested and excited about food and cooking.

Our new food curriculum is designed to provide a skills based programme of study which will cover many of the key cooking skills and methods which will enable our children to prepare food from scratch, make healthy and informed choices about what they eat and to understand where their food comes from.

The curriculum is designed around a rolling two year programme in which each class will cook at least once a term, in addition to more classroom based activities related to food education.

We also have a popular  after-school cooking club which is affiliated to the Let’s Get Cooking network of clubs.

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