Through Geography, we aim to inspire pupils with a life-long curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Geography provides opportunities for children to make sense of their surroundings and the wider world through the study of places, the human and physical processes which shape them and the people who live in them.

Our curriculum challenges pupils to gain knowledge about diverse places, people resources and natural and human environments together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.

Our Geography curriculum develops children’s skills in collecting, analysing and interpreting a range of data. Children are taught to use geographical language, recognise human and physical features and use geographical equipment such as maps, compasses, atlases and globes. Practical fieldwork allows pupils to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in our local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies.

We aim to foster our children’s sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around them. Our children are encouraged to respect their physical environment and to become increasingly more aware of the part which people must play in the need to protect our world.

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