As the United Kingdom is becoming an increasingly multicultural society, we have a duty to provide our children with an understanding of other cultures and languages.

From September 2014 all Key Stage 2 children have been required to learn a language other than English.

At St George’s we believe strongly in the benefit of this and have therefore implemented the teaching of French for all KS2 children (Y3 to Y6). Since September 2015 this has been extended to include the Key Stage 1 and Reception children.

Our aims of teaching a foreign language are for children to:

  • foster an interest in learning another language.
  • become aware that language has a structure, and that this structure differs from one language to another.
  • develop speaking and listening skills.
  • gain enjoyment, pride and a sense of achievement.
  • explore and apply strategies to improve their learning.
  • explore their own cultural identities and those of others.

We use a variety of teaching methods and aides including rhymes, songs, games, ICT and commercial resources. We use puppets to help model questions and responses.

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