Code of Behaviour at St. George’s C. of E. (V. A.) School


Each class marks up class rules at the beginning of the year, which everyone agrees with which aids learning and facilitates a happy classroom.  In addition there are school rules and values, which are in the school prospectus.

There is an expectation of high standards of personal behaviour and respect for others within our Christian setting.  We hope you will encourage and support this.

Children’s achievements are celebrated in Celebration Worship every Friday.  They do find this every motivating.  Rewards include stickers, certificates, praise and the opportunity to show their work with the whole school.  Prizes are also awarded for Good Manners during the week.

Everyone at St. George’s has the right to:

• Feel safe, cared for and have respect for everyone and everything
• Be able to learn to the best of his/her ability and develop skills he/she has
• Be treated equally irrespective of race, gender, disability or ethnicity

Everyone is expected to:

• Be responsible for their own behaviour
• Respect the rights of each other

We say no to any form of bullying and any incidents will be dealt with immediately in a firm and fair manner. We also ask parents to read and sign the Home School Contract which is an important aspect of our school.