Year 5/6 Class

Year 5/6 Topic Web – Summer 1 – 2017

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Apr 202017

Our topic for the first part of the summer term is ‘Who is the better sculptor – nature or man?’ You can view the complete topic web of our work for the term by clicking here.

High Peak Kids Council

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Feb 212017

Every few weeks, representatives from locals schools meet at the council offices in New Mills to discuss issues affecting them and their schools. They plan activities to create links and fundraising events for charities. The group is looking forward to travelling to London in the summer to visit the Houses of Parliament. Two of our children represent our school and school council at the meetings.

Dance Festival

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Jan 272017

This week eight of our year 5 and year 6 girls went to New Mills High School to take part in the area Dance Festival. They have spent weeks choreographing their routine and practising to make it perfect. On the day, they dressed up to perform. Well done girls – a fabulous effort and you represented St George’s brilliantly.

KS2 Cross Country

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Oct 132016

A hugh well done to the school cross country team who competed at the area competition yesterday. With a large number of teams entering the event, we were very pleased to finish third, behind Hayfield and New Mills Primary, leaving us as the best placed finish amongst the area’s smaller schools.

Maya Flat Breads

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Oct 132016

This term’s topic for Y5/6 has been learning about the Maya civilisation, who lived in Mesoamerica in the rainforests on the Yucatan Peninsula. Yesterday, we learnt about the food they ate and how chocolate and chewing gum came from Central Amercia. We also dicovered that maize was a staple part of their diet and that they used maize flour to make bread. To finish the afternoon, we made flat breads similar to those that the Mayas would have eaten.


Year 5/6 Boys Football

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Sep 222016

Eight happy, smiling faces came back from the New Mills Area Y5/6 Boys Football Tournament yesterday. As usual, the children were praised for their great effort and sportsmanlike behaviour. Well done boys for representing the school so well.