Year 5/6 Blog

Mar 312017

my teachers are epic there loving kind and very ,very funny apically Mr. Hewitt  lol the teachers at this school are brill they sort out ingeres and they all help you with your work our any thing they sort out arguments and they make work that is hard fun. these are  all the teachers and teaching assistance at st Georges school. Mr. Hewitt , miss Pelham, Mrs. hall , Mrs. Crag , M

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Mar 212017

Eva is my friend she loves little cats and her faferate couler is perpul  she wheres glasses and she loves her i pad very much her faferate game on there i pad is the penguin game she loves it  Eva bruther is called max and her outher brouther is called harry she dosent have eny pets

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Mar 212017

Mya my bfflt has bean  my friend for all of school  and we are still friends now we hardly ever argue and we always play with each other if you  don’t no what bfflt means it means best friends for life time I no life time3 is one word but it sounds better bfflt than bffl doesn’t it levee a comment is you think bfflt is better than bffl ok back to my bfflt Mya we always go to each others house to have a sleep over and we always stay6 up rely light at night  but I’m always very sleep when I get home lol last time I went I was yarning all day I was so tiered in two weeks time I’m going to mya’s watch her show then after I’m going to sleep over it will be brill lol where rely closes friends

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Mar 132017

Today we learned about mountains and how they are made. Lots of mountains are made by natural springs running on the ground. The water destroys a very thin layer of the ground. Over time the ground starts to get a little dip in it. Over hundreds of years the ground will start to be a mountain. The Lake District was formed like this. Other mountains form from a volcano that didn’t make it’s way through the Earth’s crust. some mountains are formed by two Tectonic Plates rubbing together until one of them slips underneath the other. This type of mountain has a very steep side and a not very steep side. Mr Hewitt taught us this.

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Mar 132017

Hi my name is Bo I’m 10 years old I have a brother called louis that also go’s to this school I yoosed to have two pet Guinea pigs called pebbles and pepper they where the most loveliest Guinea pigs that I could ever have

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Mar 132017

Hi my name is Bo. I love this school because there are lots of lovely people and my bfflt is Mya bridge and I also have lots more friends. there so kind I love them so much Mr. Hewitt is my faferate teacher he is the best. I’m a year 5 I love being a year 5 .The work isn’t hard and most of the work is fun well that’s how Mr. Hewitt calls it  lol .by the way if you don’t no what bfflt means it means best friends for lifetime I now lifetime is one word but it sounds better bfflt than bffl doesn’t it.  I love this school and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love this school so much its the best school in the world go st Georges.

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Mar 132017

I love this school because every one is lovely and I have lots of friends that are so kind like des ,Ruby ,Annabelle, Brixi and liv but my bfflt is Mya we have non each other for a long time there are also some lovely teachers like Mr. Hewitt

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Jun 172016

When I first found out about Scratch. Mrs Hall said “next week we are doing Scratch” so I made an account and posted 3 projects. I made a powerpoint and I was very proud. I still use scratch today just on a new account

When Charlotte left. It was very sad we had a party after and we are still in touch and she left around June and I hope no more of my friends leave.

Jun 172016


Hi I’m called Mya and I am 10 years old. I go to St Georges Primary school. St Georges Primary school is perfect for me. I have a lot of  friends and they are called Georgia, Ellie, patrycja, Catalina, Megan, Mia.o, Holly. And my BFFL [ BFFL means best friend for life]Is Kyla. I Love This School. I have had a lot of experience in this school and still will have a lot of experience.


When I first walked into Nursery I was very nervous because I was worried if I wouldn’t make any friends. After about 5-10 minutes I was fine. And my teacher was very kind she was called  Mrs. Davidson  She was very nice to me. And then we got Mrs. Townsend and she was very nice to so that’s  what it was like for me in nursery.

y1 and y2

In year 1 and year 2 we went to Chester zoo with Mrs. Craig. It was very fun. We got to see gorillas they was very cute. All they was eating bananas but then again that is really what they only eat bananas. We also sore some baby bats and some big bats they was so cute. We traveled on a coach to get there.

y3 and y4

I really liked Mrs. halls class I loved Mrs. hall she was a really good singer. I had a lot of fun in year 3 and 4 plus all my friends were there and they were Bo, ruby, destiny, they were all good  friends. she read story’s to us  it was amazing.

y5 and y6

In year 5 and year 6 I like the way Mr. Hewitt gives us hard work but when you get used to hard work it turns to easy work which is very good. Oh and Mr. Hewitt is my teacher he is very, very funny he makes us all laugh. He is just amazing. He makes me feel like I’m really good at math’s and all the hard work we do. And he also makes me feel smart. We have recently done a lot of topics and very soon we are going to white hall so that will be fun to do as well we have also been doing some really hard and when I say really hard I mean super hard math’s.


So I hope you have like me talking about my school life its just so fun bringing back memory’s from the past the good thing about all this I will never forgot it. I love talking about my school life its just always so, so fun ok hope you enjoyed me talking about my school life  thanks for reading bye xx

Jun 012016

My name is Bradley and I am 11 years old.

I’ve been to 4 different schools in my whole life, these are New Mills Nursery, Whaley Bridge and Hague Bar and St. George’s.

Mr. Hewitt was my teacher at Whaley Bridge, however he’s also my teacher now.

My friend was Oliver

When Oliver sat down and we started to chat then the teacher started teaching.

Hague Bar

When I was 7 I moved to Hague Bar.

I made friends with Oliver and Josh.

I  liked to play football.


I liked Mr. Hewitt when he’s was at Whaley bridge.

I was 5 or 6.

I was happy.

My friends are Oliver, Mr Hepworth, Mr. Hewitt.

I played football  with my friends and worked together.

There was a massive playground.

My sister was also at Whaley Bridge.

I like to play football.

when I moved to St George’s I was 7 to 11