Jan 302018


25th January 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to our first Spring term newsletter. We have lots of exciting events this term – please check our dates for diaries section for more information.


We are pleased to welcome back Mrs Calvert, after her travels round India. She is very pleased to be back teaching in Year 1/2 Class. We are also pleased to welcome Mrs Palmer who is teaching in Year 5/6 class in the afternoons – a class share with Mrs Brown who is teaching in the mornings.


Mobile Phone Numbers

Please make sure that the office has any new mobile phone numbers that you’ve got over Christmas.


Our New Library

Our new library is fitted and being stocked with books by Mrs Lambert, Mrs Bates and their trusty team of parent helpers. Thanks to all who have helped to make this a success. Please help us to keep raising money by getting as many sponsors as possible for our ‘Where’s Wally? Walk’ on Friday 2nd February. See library letter for further details. In order to boost the number of books in our library, we are having a Travelling Book Fair in school from Wednesday 7th to Tuesday 13th February. This will be in the school hall straight after school each day from 3.15 until 4.00 pm. World Book Day Vouchers can be used at the fair too. Please come along and help by buying a book. Every purchase means commission for library books for our children.

Grand Opening of the library Thursday 15th March 2018 2 – 3 pm – all welcome.


Teaching staff have been asked by a number of different parents to complete their passport applications. Whilst teachers are very obliging, please note that this is very time-consuming and therefore in the future we will be asking for a donation of £10. per passport, to be paid into school fund to buy equipment for pupils.

SATs Evening for Parents – 12.2.18

Please note that it is SATs week from 14.5.18 to 18.5.18 for children in Year 2 and Year 6. Please ensure that your child is in school that week.

Father John Leaving – 16.2.18 – 2.30 pm Service in Church

It is with regret that I have to tell you that Father John is leaving us to take up a post in Longnor. His last church Sunday Service will be on Sunday 11th February at 10 am. He is however, joining us for a worship in church on Friday 16th February at 2.30. All are welcome to both services.


As you know, schools are not able to grant holidays for pupils during school time, unless in very exceptional circumstances. Any holidays taken without permission will incur a penalty issued by Derbyshire County Council. Our term dates for the rest of the year are given below, so do check these before booking any trips.

Music Concert for Years 4, 5 and 6

Our children would like to share their musical abilities with you! All children in Years 4, 5 and 6 have been learning to play an instrument this year and are inviting you to their mid-year concert on Friday 16th February 2018 at 9.15 am in the school hall. All are welcome.

World Book Day – 1.3.18

We are holding a special lunch for children to celebrate World Book Day. <ore information to follow from our Catering Service.

Parents’ Evenings

Please ensure you book a Parents’ Evening appointment through our online system. You will be informed when this is up and running.

Monday 19.3.18                 3.30 – 6.30                           All teachers

Tuesday 20.3.18                 3.30 – 4.30                           Mrs Craig, Mrs Hall and Mrs Brown

Wednesday 21.3.18          3.30 – 4.30                           Mrs Davison and Mrs Calvert

Easter Service – 23.3.18 – 2.30pm in Church

This will be held on the last day of term, 23.3.18 at 2.30 in church. All are welcome, and the children can be collected from their classrooms afterwards.

With thanks for your continued support.

Mandy Brown

Dates for Diaries

2.1.18. INSET day

Children back in school Wednesday 3.1.18.

15.1.18. 16.1.18. HPKC 9.30 – 10.30
25.1.17 Maths in class for parents. Come and see what your children are learning 2.45 until 3.10
2.2.18. Where’s Wally? Sponsored Walk – whole school
7.2. – 13.2.18 Travelling Book Fair in the school hall
12.2.18. SATs Evening for parents
15.2.18 Height & Weight check for Y6 children
16.2.18 9.15am Years 4, 5 and 6 Concert in the school hall

2.30pm Service in Church – all invited – Father John’s last day in the Parish

16.2.18. Break up for half term
February half term holiday
26.2.18. Back in school Monday 26.2.18.
1.3.18 World Book Day – Special lunch for children
6.3.18. High Peak Kids Council 9.30 – 10.30
12.3.18. Maths in class for parents. Come and see what your children are learning 9.00 until 9.25
15.3.28 2.00-3.00 pm Grand opening of our new school library
19.3.18. 21.3.18. Y5s day at New Mills High School, with Y7s returning to their primary schools to talk to & work with Y6s about expectations in Y7


19.3.18 Parents’ Evening All classes – 3.30 – 6.30
20.3.18 Parents’ Evening Mrs Craig, Mrs Hall & Mrs Brown 3.30 – 4.30
21.3.18 Parents’ Evening Mrs Davison and Mrs Calvert 3.30 – 4.30
23.3.18. Easter Service in church at 2.30 pm then Break up for Easter
Easter holiday
9.4.18. Back in school
23.4.18. 9.15am St George’s Day service in Church
24.4.18. High Peak Kids Council 9.30 – 10.30
26.4.18 Maths in class for parents. Come and see what your children are learning 2.45 until 3.10
30.4.18. 4.5.18. Y6 staff to New Mills High School to look at writing and maths 1.15 – 3.15


7.5.18. Bank holiday May Day


8.5.18 Back in school
14.5.18. SATS week

Take One Picture week 1 – (afternoons)

18.5.18 Y6 after SATs bonding morning in High Lea Park
21.5.18. Take One Picture week 2


25.5.18 Break up for half term
May half term holiday
4.6.18. Back in school
7.6.18 Tempest photography – class groups
11.6.18-13.6.18 Residential for Y5/6
11.6.18. PEGS music concert in New Mills Arts Theatre
12.6.18 High Peak Kids Council 9.30 – 10.30
18.6.18 Maths in class for parents. Come and see what your children are learning 9.00 until 9.25
22.6.18 INSET day
25.6.18. INSET day
26.6.18 Children back in school
29.6.18 High Peak Kids Council Summer Fair
4.7.18 am Class swap morning
4.7.18., 5.7.18. & 6.7.18 Y6 New Mills High School transition days


9.7.18. 11.7.18., 12.7.18 & 13.7.18. New Mills High School show – primary schools invited
11.7.18 NMHS Play
16.7.18. Am KS2 Play dress rehearsal
17.7.18 9.30 am KS2 play for parents
17.7.18 6.00 pm KS2 play for parents
20.07.18 2.00 – Y6 Leaver’s Service in Church then break up for Summer holiday