May 152017

11th May 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

It has been brought to my attention that some parents are unhappy about our classes for next year. In light of this I feel I should explain further, to hopefully put your minds at rest.

In an ideal world we would be able to afford a teacher for each year group, but as a small school with smaller pupil numbers, we always have to mix age groups.

Bearing this in mind, we made the decision to split our Year 2 group between 2 classes. These children will follow the exact same curriculum and have identical learning objectives – as all Year 2 children at any school will have. We decided to house our Year 1 and 2 group in the current Reception classroom because it is such a lovely big and bright space. The current furniture, resources and set up is obviously going to be changed to ensure we have age-appropriate tables, chairs and resources available for the age of children. You will be more than welcome to come and have a look at it and meet our new teacher (when appointed) during the first week of the Autumn term.

Regarding the new teacher, we are hoping to appoint a maths specialist who will lead Key Issue 3 in our OFSTED report. This will also give the children in Year 1/2 class a real boost to their maths.

We have also decided to combine Nursery and Reception as one stage – an Early Years Foundation Stage. This was recommended by our OFSTED inspector and is something about which we have thought long and hard. As we are offering the 30 hours of childcare for Nursery age children, we have decided that all part time (15 hrs) Nursery children will be in school each morning – like normal. Those children on 30 hrs provision will stay for a packed lunch or school dinner, and will then be taught as a Nursery group in the afternoon, finishing at 3.15 with the other children.

Our Reception children will follow the Early Years Curriculum as required by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework throughout the day, being taught as a much smaller, purely Reception group in the afternoons.

They will be taught by Mrs Davison in the current Nursery classroom and outdoor area, but will also experience much more of school life through our afternoon worships, P.E. sessions in the hall and playgrounds and computing lessons in our ICT room.

The ratio of adults to children in Early Years is statutory and we are required to meet these ratios. For nursery the required ratio is 1 : 13 and we will have 3 adults in the classroom with Nursery and Reception which is a better ratio than many Early Years providers.

Please be assured that none of your children are being held back by this organisation of classes.

All the children will be following the curriculum for their age group and will use the right furniture and resources for their age, height and maturity.

If you should have any further concerns about this please contact the school office or preferably, just ask a member of staff on the playground in the morning. Social media is never the best way to get the facts about us.

With thanks for your continued support.

Mrs M Brown